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Ruth Bergen



Matt Neufeld

Sales Manager

[email protected]

Ext. 292


I have been with Elias Woodwork since 2005. During the first 9 years, I have had the opportunity to see how production works from the shop floor level. From the early stage of production, such as wood cutting, right through to the shipping of the product. I have enjoyed the various hands on positions, gaining knowledge and understanding of the product and process with each one.

When I joined the sales team at Elias Woodwork, my goal was to build and maintain strong relationships with my customers. My knowledge of the products and drive to achieve goals ensure that the needs of my customers are not only met, but exceeded.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and kiddos. I am also a sports enthusiast who loves playing and watching many sports. Other interests include traveling and spending time with friends and family.


Mat Guenther

Senior Customer Service Specialist

[email protected]

Ext. 284


I discovered my talent for carpentry and woodworking at an early age. When I was 14 years old, I took my first job during the summer building a double car garage onto a pre-existing house. From there I went on to work in the construction and renovation industry for many years, building many structures, remodelling homes and providing custom solutions to customer problems. I started with Elias Woodwork in November of 2012, seeing the opportunity to use my experience and expertise in helping customers complete their projects. At Elias Woodwork I strive to build strong relationships with my customers while servicing them with my product knowledge and experience in the industry.

My passion for the industry has carried over into my personal life where I am known to be working on one of my own properties, fixing and tinkering with things as needed. When I’m not busy with industry related projects, you can expect to find me walking my dog or enjoying outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends.


Chantel Loewen

Customer Service Specialist

[email protected]

Ext. 259


I proudly joined the Elias Woodwork Team as Custom Service Representative in the Fall of 2014; starting with rudimentary knowledge of woodworking and a passion for building strong, lasting relationships. I am a “people-person” to my core and I have a genuine desire to see people succeed. I take great pleasure in facilitating the steps for you to achieve your goals for all your projects; from full projects to small replacements, I’m excited to assist you in getting there! My experience at Elias has given me a firm foundation of knowledge and offers continuous learning opportunities with our ever-changing industry; I find myself learning new things from our valued customers, like you, almost daily.

I have a background in Event Planning, Tourism and Digital Marketing, coupled with years of prior office experience in executive and administrative positions as well as serving on several Board of Directors for local organizations and programs.

I am a self-proclaimed Zoo Keeper, and by that, I mean I am a mother of 3 teenage sons! When I’m not at the office, you can find me at the baseball diamonds, the hockey rinks, the soccer fields or #livingmybestlife boating on our surrounding lakes with my family. I am a camper, a fisher, a swimmer, a go-getter and I am looking forward to being your Customer Service Rep.


Larry Dyck

Customer Service Specialist

[email protected]

Ext. 246


I began working for Elias Woodwork in October of 2009, starting as a customer service representative for some smaller cabinet companies before transferring to Home Depot Interiors. Before joining Elias Woodwork, I worked for a cabinet and door manufacturing company for 32 years as an installer, specialty woodworker and supervisor of the specialty and sanding departments.

What I enjoy most about customer service is being able to help a branch representative with a quick answer or solution to their questions so that they can carry on with their work. Hearing that a customer is very happy with the quality of the product or pleased with how great it looks when it’s all installed is very satisfying as well.

One of my favorite business books is Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard. It advocates for service beyond the customer’s expectations, which all businesses that aim for growth should strive for.

Outside of work I enjoy trips to the mountains and the wonders of nature while hiking with my family. I also enjoy taking time to photograph the landscape and vistas along the way. Additionally, I passionately follow my favorite Canadian and National Football League teams.


Mackenzie Buhler

Customer Service Specialist

[email protected]

Ext. 279


I was very excited to join the Elias Woodwork team in late 2019. I look forward to learning more about the woodworking industry and helping customers with their project needs with a positive attitude.

Prior to joining the Elias team, I spent the last 8 years in the hospitality industry. Early on I developed a passion and skill for organization, customer service, and hard work. I joined Elias to expand my knowledge in a new industry, and to build lasting relationships with my fellow employees and customers. 

Outside of Elias I enjoy spending time with my beautiful Fiancée Sylvia, working out in the gym and spending time with my friends and family. 


Rebecca VanWyck

Customer Service Specialist

[email protected]

Ext. 290



I first started at Elias Woodwork as a panel sander in 2004. I had no knowledge of woodworking at the time, but that was soon to change as I was taught how to operate various machinery and learnt the process of many different departments throughout the shop. In 2014 I was given the opportunity to join our order processing team. Since then I have learnt so much more about the amazing company I work for, our products, and service.

It's been my goal for years to join the sales team and to expand my knowledge in this growing and changing industry. I look forward to learning more and developing lasting working relationships with clients.

When I'm not in the office, I enjoy spending time with my husband Kyle and our children Dante, Will, and Kenna. You can usually find me in the kitchen baking bread, buns, and other goodies with Will; coloring or making homemade playdough with Kenna; and watching classic thriller movies with Dante. I love interior painting and am constantly wanting to paint something in my home. I also enjoy curling up with a good book and a cup of tea to end the day.


Michele Hamm

Customer Service Specialist

[email protected]

Ext. 240


I started my career as a Customer Service Representative with Elias Woodwork in August 2022.  Previously, my work as a kitchen designer has given me the fundamental knowledge and skills working with cabinetry and industry related services. From there I became a Customer Experience Manager and took pride in my work with customer service.  I have worked in the customer service industry to some capacity my entire life and discovered at a very young age the importance of building relationships and trust with customers, working hard and taking pride in a job well done.  I look forward to working with the Elias Woodwork team in serving you the customer and helping you fulfill your project needs while learning more about our industry and product offerings.

I grew up in Morden, MB and outside of work I enjoy spending time in my backyard oasis with my best friend/husband, Doug of 26 years and our fur baby, Whitney.  I am also a mother of three amazing young men, two daughter in-laws and five grand fur babies, all of who I adore with all my heart.


Darren Fehr

AOS Elite Cabinetry Manager

[email protected]

Ext. 235


Having many years’ experience in cabinet manufacturing and woodworking, I was delighted to continue my career here at Elias Woodwork in September, 2015. From an early age, I have had an avid interest in woodworking and have had the opportunity to work on many levels in the industry from hand millwork and construction to design and development.

My goals with Elias Woodwork, and more specifically, you the customer, are to provide accurate knowledge and insight into our growing RTA department. I look forward to helping you with your RTA project needs and assisting in any way I can from quoting to completion of your project.

Outside of work, I most enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter.  Being a sports enthusiast and devoted outdoorsman who has lived and worked across Canada from Quebec to British Columbia, I have had some amazing experiences and met many great people. I am also proud to have earned my private pilot licence with my longest solo flight taking me 1300 km’s across part of Canada to spend Christmas with my family.


Jeremy Funk

Executive Vice President - Sales & Marketing

[email protected]

Ext. 228


I began my career with Elias Woodwork in 1998 as a young man without a woodworking passion, but looking for some significant role in the business world. I have served in several positions at Elias over the years, including Job Costing, Order Processing, Production Scheduling, Customer Service, Business Development, Product Development, Software Development and Marketing, all the while realizing more and more what a great bunch of people surrounded me.

I joined the Elias Woodwork Management Team in 2005 and currently have the privilege of leading some great staff on our Sales, Customer Service and Marketing teams. I have witnessed incredible growth in our company over the years and am proud to work alongside each of our extremely passionate management team members. I am also involved with market research and product development, so attending industry events, reading and research, and constantly communicating with customers, partners and vendors is essential. I excel in working with data and statistics, and strongly believe that measurement is the first step to improvement. 

I am married to my high school sweetheart and have been blessed with 3 children who keep me very busy and are an absolute joy! I enjoy spending time with family and friends, volunteering in my church, and watching and participating in two of my favorite sports, hockey and motocross. I strive to work hard every day and align my work and life under the will of my awesome God.


Trevor Wiebe

Executive Vice President - Business Operations

[email protected]

Ext. 223


I started working at Elias Woodwork during the summer between post-secondary school years in 1992. During that summer I worked the evening shift, 4:00 pm to midnight, and I learned the meaning of the saying “beggars can’t be choosers”. After that summer I returned to school and completed my schooling, focusing on business administration. I came back to Elias Woodwork after completing school and was given the opportunity to work half time in the office and half time on the shop floor.

Elias Woodwork has always been in constant growth, which brings opportunity or stress depending on one’s perspective. I have always chosen to think that this environment creates opportunity. During the past twenty two years the number of staff at Elias Woodwork has grown dramatically and as a result my duties and responsibilities have changed according to the needs of the company. I am currently involved in Costing, Sales and Account Management.

This company has always embraced employees from different cultural backgrounds and I have enjoyed working in this environment. These different cultures have exposed me to perspectives from all over the world, perspectives that have changed how I view the world today. I have also had the privilege of meeting many of our customers from all over North America and I look forward to meeting many more in the future.

On a personal note, I have been happily married to my wife for almost twenty two years. We have four great kids and live here in Winkler. As a family, we enjoy camping in the summer and have made it our goal to see a different portion of North America every year. Our family life currently revolves around church, school and our kids sporting events. As for my personal hobbies, I enjoy the discipline of running and the adrenaline from participating in different marathon events.

Our Management Team


Left to Right:

Randy Dueck – Executive Vice President - Purchasing

John Redekop – Executive Vice President - Procurement

Jake Neufeld – Executive Vice President - Maintenance

Ralph Fehr – President, Chief Executive Officer

Corinne Thompson – CPA, CGA, Chief Financial Officer

Trevor Wiebe – Executive Vice President - Business Operations

Jeremy Funk – Executive Vice President - Sales and Marketing

Gordon Dyck – Executive Vice President - Production

Eugen Klassen - CPHR, LIAT, Executive Vice President - Human Resources


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