Acrylic Products

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Acrylic doors have an exceptionally hard, durable surface which can make them very popular with some homeowners. These slab, contemporary style doors come in numerous colors from a matte to a high gloss finish. 

General Information

The acrylic layer is created through an extrusion process to provide ultra high gloss acrylic top layer without ripples. It is then laminated on a MDF board. The doors and panels have the acrylic on the face with a matching melamine back with the exception of beige metallic which is high gloss on both sides of the door. All other colors can be supplied high gloss on both sides by special order. The doors and panels are edge banded with a color matched or 3D 2 in 1 high gloss 1 mm ABS edge banding. Each door is fusion banded for a seamless finish. The acrylic doors are 20 mm thick. Maximum door size is 46" x 94".

Care & Handling

All acrylic doors come with a protective film which should not be removed until project is complete. Ensure finished items with protective coating are not stored in direct sunlight as the film could be effected and become difficult to remove. Optimum scratch resistance will be achieved by lightly polishing with a plastic polish, like Vuplex, Novus I, or Plexux plastic Polish with a clean micro-fibre cloth. Minor Scratches and scuffing can be removed by hand using a liquid polish and soft micro-fibre cloths.


Best results will be achieved using wet micro-fibre cloths or chamois with nonabrasive soap or detergent. Avoid using paper towel, brushes, scourers, scrapers and dry wiping the finish. Applying Ultra Gloss Superpolish and DGS on a weekly basis will maintain the finish in an optimum condition.